reservation informations

for Casa Blanca Samana in Las Galeras

Your questions may be sent with the button "contact us" in the left menu o by eMail to  info(at)casa-blanca-samana(dot)com

The entire booking conversation is to do by e-mail with our central disposition.

The minimum stay is 2 nights.
The carrying out for the reservation is rather simple:
For your holiday planning you can get a temporary picture over our online allocation scheme you can look through over our home page. Then you look for yourself after a suitable, inexpensive flight.


The most favourable trace port is the approx. 45 miles remote airport Samana El Catey, at a pinch the airports Puerto Plata + Santo Domingo also are possible, it is remote for the however more than 60 miles further one. The prices for a car collection organized by us on request fluctuate depending on local fuel prices, are for a normal car however at 75,- € (Samana El Catey) or 150,- € (Puerto Plata / Santo Domingo). A minibus for groups costs about 20% more.


If you´ve found a flight, let your concrete posting cycle acknowledge from us by email. Upon receipt of this confirmation you can book your flight tightly. 

At the same time as the confirmation, we ask you to make a down payment on your booking, which is usually 50% of the rental price, but as minimum 150,- €.

If you do not have to pay rent for your holiday accommodation due to a promotion, the usual deposit of 150,- € is due with the booking confirmation, which is paid back in cash on departure.

Your payment must come in our confirmation after dispatch on the account mentioned in this within 5 days so that the reservation gets definite for the two sides definitely.

If your payment does not come in in due time, the time period is released for other interested parties again so that it then is not available for you under circumstances any more. 


Super last-minute bookings:

By the at short notice the booking way mentioned above does not apply to super last-minute bookings which are as a rule possible still within 48 hours before take-off.
Capacities are free for your booking wish with us, you inform us first of all by e-mail you keep the lookout after such a flight in which period of time so that we can react at short notice and keep our allocation scheme minutes-current especially for you at this time if you want to book particularly favourable super last-minute flights and therefore only must be able to inform at short notice and immediately know, too about your rice time period whether.
We then send you a confirmation with a detailed way description of Puerto Plata or El Catey to us. So you immediately ,can if you found a flight, have looked in the allocation scheme and if necessary book your flight at once.
Please, after flight booking mail your exact accounting period, the person number and accommodation type (mansion, XXL or apartment) to us immediately so that we do not accept any other reservation for this time and can update the online allocation scheme also again.
You also should inform us in your message with your exact flight data like airport of departure, airline company, trace port and time of arrival and date you are getting from the airport to us so that we can assess your approximate time of arrival with us.
As a rule, a collection organized by us is not possible at super last-minute bookings but you should drive with bus, taxi or rented car. 

A collection desired at super last-minute booking really still can be organized by us in most cases under the prerequisite if you already inform us about this wish in the front-end and transfer us the renting bail so on time that this has reached us until your actual booking.
We ask for understanding for this prerequisite but some jokers who have ordered our collection of the airport had booked not the slightest flights and caused us costs through this willfully for whose assertion the effort, however, is not in any acceptable relationship. 


Transfers/cancellations of your reserved time period:

A transfer becomes cancellation of your reservation of us like one and treats new booking however only with half of the follow-up mentioned cancellation fees simultaneously.
These are 25% of the value of your reservation, at least however 150,- €, at 91 or more days 50% of the aforementioned value and 8 until 30 days before the journey beginning 75% of this value 31 to 90 days before the journey beginning before the journey beginning.The full reservation value is due at a cancellation of your booking 7 or less days before the journey beginning.
As value of your reservation time, for your accounting period, our regular rent is based on, special conditions which are not agreed with you approximately or got by advertising campaigns. A settling of accommodation vouchers or similar things distributed in the context of an advertising campaign cannot be carried out with the cancellation fee.


We recommend at longer-term bookings - as in the case of other holidays also - a travel resignation insurance to complete what you can do in your travel agency or at an insurance agency for flight and accommodation.


Please note that we are not a hotel but rent apartments. Accordingly, we assume no liability for accidents or other things inside and outside our property, except for gross negligence on our part. 

Reserved for changes!   .

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