the dominican republic

The island of „Hispanola“ discovered on 5-12-1492 of Christopher Columbus surrounds a complete area of approx.
75,000 sq km. The Dominican Republic uses almost 50,000 sq km of this. Haiti takes the rest of the island. The climate is typically Caribbean with high atmospheric humidity and now and then appearing, short rains. The air temperature is between 22 and 33 degrees, the water temperatures between 24 and 28 degrees, depending on season.
The animal and plant world is very various  and there is an extensive supply  of  palatable fruits.

The capital of the country is „Santo Domingo“ lain at the southern coast of the country. One gets here as well as everything which is offered also in a German city.Near the Haitian limit a less known vacation spot, „Baraona“, further lies west of this.
This place also has partly very beautiful beaches and in any case a visit is worth an excursion.     

“Bocachica“, a vacation spot which very highly becomes frequent of tourists, is about 15 km eastern of the capital. Of it very far, however, we do find „Punta Cana“, a holiday region which has an airport of its own at its disposal, in the east with respect to excursion possibilities and sights all too much has to offer since there are no considerable towns in this region.

One excursion lasts to the next larger town most nearly hours and leads about partly very bad streets.
The larger cities of „Santiago“, „La Vega“ and „San Francisco“ are still worth mentioning in the inland region in any case and a visit is worthwhile. A destination of the outing also wished very much is „Carabacoa“. Among other things one can see  some beautiful waterfalls and  be engaged also actively such as with excursions to horses or white water rafting tours in this mountain region in the inland region.     

The „airport Puerto Plata“ is located in the northern coast, about 10 km far western the city of „Puerto Plata“. The city of Monte Christi still further lies in the west, near the border to Haiti.
Sosua, a definite tourist town to which the districts, however, still belong to „Charamicos“ and „Sosua-Abajo“ which are almost lived in exclusively by natives, is about 10 km eastern of the airport Puerto Plata. “Cabarete“ again about 15 km further is to the east.

This place is an internationally very popular holiday paradise for windsurfers and tomcats meanwhile. Very good wind conditions and very different waves on little room make this place very attractively, no matter whether for beginners or definite professionals.     

Over the localities „Caspar Hernandez“, „Rio San Juan“ and „Cabrera“ leads this quite well to drive on coastal road to the next city „Nagua“..It is only a stone’s throw from here to the peninsula „Samana“ which forms the north, eastern end of the Dominican Republic.
Between the cities „Nagua“ and „Sanchez“, was build a new, tooken in business at the end of 2006, international airport „Samana – El Catey“, wich is also approachable from Europe and other contrys.   .

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