The peninsula Samana

The most beautiful part of the Dominican Republic

The peninsula Samana starts with the place Sanchez in the south west. From there is to reach the known holiday small towns „ LasTerenas“ ,“Samana town“ and „Las Galeras“, and the „bay of Samana“ which is noted for the humpback whales arriving for the mating there also starts here.

What is a single possible to watch the activities of experience, these sea giants in their jumps and games from the next proximity  and  only  with a naked eye, but only at the time of approx. the middle of January by the middle of March. After that they are leaving the bay of Samana again until next January.

Also worth seeing is the waterfall of El Limon. This leads through the newly built road between Las Terrenas and the city of Samana.
But then you have to walk a whole distance by foot or on a horse to get to the waterfall.

Las Terenas can be reached from Sanchez over a very beautiful but also dangerously bendy mountains way. One simply must have gone to this place not least because of the marvellous view which one  has on the journey over the mountains way from away. In the direction of the south on the „bay of Samana“ and in the direction of the north on the town „Las Terenas „ with it’s miles long, white, typically Caribbean sandy beaches which invite to the sunbathing and bathing. 

If one does not turn in „Sanchez“ after the north direction „Las Terrenas“, but drives further straightforward to the east, passes one the port of Arrojo Barril and about 10 km before the city „Samana“, that of Europe not approachable however international „airport Samana - Arroyo Barril“.

At the beginning of a long descent which leads into the city of Samana a big, well fully developed street bends - it before already mentioned mountains way like this one - also after this one leads to Las Terrenas. It is not coming to recommend this way because of the big detour of Sanchez.
For vacation flights, which proceed however from Samana or Las Galeras, an attendance of Las Terrenas almost over this quite new road is a „must“.   .

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