Samaná & Surroundings

For many experts is the region „ Samana-Las Galeras“ the most beautiful region, which the island has to offer.
The street Samana-Las Galeras leads almost permanently along by the sea, passing by also at more picturesque beautiful bays and beaches at the island and „Cayo Levantado“ also called the „Baccardi island“. 

In and around Samana Las Galeras and Arroyo Barril there are various partlyImage isolated bays and beaches which, till now, almost have partly remained untouched of the tourism. Of course already there are the middle and elevated class and straight some smaller and larger holiday plants in this region between Arroyo Barril on one side of the city of Samana, too and Las Galeras on the other one, additional hotel plants are located in the planning. This planning and since shortly the finished international Airport „ Samana – El Catey“ is suggesting in the next years a completely substantial value rise of the real estates on the whole peninsula Samana, particularly however within the so far touristic still quite little shaped area of Las Galeras, over the city Samana back to Arroyo Barril.

Whoever has a couple of euros as a financial investment in the mid to long-term surely is advised very well with a property in this room. But you are what you buy on the watch from whom. There are some black sheep which like to cheat a „foreigner“. Have all documents and primarily the exact tenure checked of an expert before you complete a purchase. Then being able to be inheriting disputes at running or afterwards big problems come towards you also at the purchase of a property of one of the native, most very large families if only one of the joint owners also has not signed your sales contract or is not mentioned in this first at all.

The life in the Dominican republic, apart from the large cities such as Santo Domingo, Santiago Imageand larger tourist settlements such as Sosua, Cabarete, Las Terrenas etc. has a special characteristic. Nothing is taken here so importantly as „live“. There is no stress and hectic rush. All too exact and one does not take appointments here either. The rural, Dominican calendar is a little different from the European. Planned 5 minutes waiting time can turn one to two hours straight away here sometimes, too. Of course this leads to problems if one relies on appointments. But whoever knows the Dominican conceptions of time gets used quite fast and fast learns to handling that. In any case this way of living is healthier than the one certainly around something whom we Europeans know. At a heart attack or stroke one will see hardly anyone dying here at all events.

The leisure amenities in and around Samana are great. Is it to follow a four wheel or a Jeep-safari or to rent on your own a vehicle and explore the country, for example the sport airport of „el Portillo“ between „Samana city“ and „Las Terrenas“ or watching the likewise presented Waterfall there at El Limon. In addition, a riding, tennis, gulf, table tennis, volleyball, diving, surfing, sails, high-sea-fishing, water ski, jet ski, parasailing and much more besides is offered.

The bay of Samana is confessed worldwide for his whales, of January until March in front of Samana this one and itself Las Galeras hold back for the mating and are often already anxious of the mainland to see with the naked eye. But also boat tours will „stroke whales“ especially to the organizes at this time. It is simply duty to join in such a tour at this time because one can hardly gain such breathtaking impressions and make such photos well somewhere else.

If, till now, you should not know the Dominican Republic yet, then you make up absolutely what you have unimportantly heard about this till now. This island is more worth than only a holiday. Already many holiday-makers have fallen in love with this country straight off and live here now or have got themselves her permanent holiday domicile here at least.   .

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